Electrical engineering technology is a highly developing and rapidly growing field, requiring constant commitment and innovation to stand out amongst worldwide competitors. The Institute of Electrical and Computer Engineering was established on August 1st, 2009, to conform to the trend of technology integration in the future. The Institute of Electrical and Computer Engineering has master's and Ph.D. programs. The master's program has two groups- A and B, and the Ph.D. program has three groups, A, B, and C.

Group A - Integrated Circuit and Sensing Elements: Our studies focus on cutting-edge integrated circuits, sensing elements and systems, and memory design. We actively cultivate top-notch talents for interdisciplinary research.

Group B - Artificial Intelligent and Computer Engineering: We focus on artificial intelligence and computer engineering, and our studies include advanced technologies such as voice recognition, communication network, and big data analysis. We have specialized faculties and innovative research teams in various AI professions.

Group C - Biomedical Engineering: The research of biomedical engineering requires talents with medical backgrounds to provide expertise in clinical practice. The research also requires the integration of expertise of biomechanical and engineering talents to develop groundbreaking products. We cultivate talents and leaders with interdisciplinary professions in biomedical engineering.